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1911 nspa show.jpg
Hastings, Nebraska  NSPA Show 1911
NSPA show holdrege 1944 to 1947.jpg
Holdrege, Nebraska  NSPA Show 1944-1947
NSPA Show Fremont 1951.jpg



The Nebraska State Poultry Association held its first show in 1884. It stands as the second oldest Poultry Association (only surpassed by the American Poultry Association) and the second oldest Poultry Show in the United States. 

Recently we were delivered a wonderful gift of NSPA historical documents and information. We will be working to compile and tell the story of the NSPA to the best of our ability. We strive to promote, educate and build the poultry community of Nebraska and the Poultry Exhibition community beyond the state borders. We hope you will consider joining us in writing the the next chapter of the NSPA.  


2023 Board and Officers

PRESIDENT:               Cole Meador

VICE PRESIDENT:     Adam Umland 

TREASURER:              Gordon Gilliam 

SECRETARY:               Ashley Foutch

OUTREACH:                Bekah Bankson

DIRECTORS:                Terence Spencer 

                                      Megan Patent- Nygren

                                      Derrick Grabowski

                                      Mary Grabowski


Lifetime Member

York, Nebraska NSPA Show 1951
1973 nspa show.jpg
Columbus, Nebraska  NSPA Show 1973
1984 nspa show.jpg
Columbus, Nebraska  NSPA Show 1984
Lincoln, Nebraska NSPA Show 2016
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